6 Tips to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

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How to Tastefully Shift Your Style

Depending on whether or not that pesky groundhog sees his shadow, there are plenty of days during winter that are such a tease. Sometimes even the below-freezing temperatures will gradually get higher, offering a glimpse of hope into the warmer season of spring that lays ahead. This leaves even the most experienced style gurus to wonder what to wear during the confrontational transition period from season to season. While the last couple weeks of winter close out the chilly season for good, utilize these clever tips for transitioning a wardrobe from winter to spring:

1.    Shed the bulky winter coats.

A coat or jacket of some kind is needed in typical spring weather. However, it’s best to ditch a winter coat that’s too hot or too large toward the end of the season. Instead, try shopping for lighter jackets that are more on-trend for the spring but will still offer some warmth when it’s chilly. The Freeborn denim jacket sold at Target is the perfect outerwear for the transitioning phase from season to season since it’s flexible yet warm. An anorak jacket is another piece to keep in mind, especially for the rainier days of early spring.

2.    Add layers with a boyfriend blazer.

Never underestimate a boyfriend blazer. These types of blazers are probably the most versatile of their kind. Boyfriend blazers are especially great for winter-to-spring transitional outfits that are rocked in an office setting, since the business casual pieces are so versatile, matching almost every outfit that they’re paired with. Even though it’s tempting to wear patterned boyfriend blazers (especially floral), try wearing ones that are more neutral instead so that they still match both winter and spring clothing.

3.    Combine shorter dressers with over-the-knee boots.

Those rare days when it breaks 50 degrees toward the end of the winter season are meant for dresses. Still, it’s important to wear the appropriate shoes, especially if the spring-like dress is shorter in length. Since over-the-knee boots are a go-to for women during the winter, don’t let them go to waste—wear them with a short spring dress. This way, just the right amount of skin is shown and you won’t be freezing when the sun goes in. The Corso Como Lennox over-the-knee boots sold at DSW are ideal for this type of outfit.

4.    Slowly incorporate brightly colored pieces.

Spring is all about bright colors. Regardless, air on the side of caution when it comes to reintroducing colors back into your wardrobe during the early days of the warm season. As an example for you or your child’s clothing, instead of wearing an all-pink outfit, try small pops of pink. A pink fashion scarf or a pink graphic tee from Justice’s youngster’s wardrobe will do the trick just fine.

5.    Don’t ditch any sweaters—wear them with a skirt instead.

As much as the snow can become overwhelming and unwanted, it’s winter staples like a big, chunky sweater that make the cold weather worthwhile. So even when the weather becomes a little bit warmer, it’s okay to hang on to all the cozy cashmere and cotton sweaters you own. In a spring-inspired twist, opt for layering the sweaters with longer, flowy skirts—like the gingham tiered maxi skirt by Xhilaration from Target.

6.    Keep the plaid and make it work.

The best thing about plaid? It can be worn all year round. Winter, though, is one of the most popular times to don the adorable pattern, especially when it’s covering a cozy flannel or blouse. Instead of packing plaid tops away with the rest of your winter wardrobe, try pairing a neutral plaid shirt with a brightly colored cardigan to get the best of both worlds.

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